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The Pandemic situation of COVID-19 has seriously hampered the employment sector. Most of the people lost their jobs during such a pandemic situation even from IT and non IT’s. Here is the top 5 In Demand Jobs in 2020.

According to the latest survey on career-oriented jobs by site Timejobs conducted on the impact of COVID-19 on jobs.

In India reveals that 55% hiring managers confirmed that the requirement for remote work candidates has increased in their companies due to lockdown.

The latest confirmed data revealed that about 1,346 HR professionals working in different sectors across India.

Now, we eventfully entered in an unlock phase where everyone is ready to continue their offices, with complete protection against COVID-19.

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But the question here what about those who lost their jobs.


As most of the people are unable to get any jobs, one of the main reason this is the lack of knowledge, as the world is growing so the demand of learning new skills and technology become a solid point.

Now, there are most institutions are offering better career guidance and a number of skills namely

  • Microsoft excel
  • management skills
  • entrepreneurship
  • teaching training
  • marketing skills.

Here is the Most in Demand Jobs in 2020 For Better Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing is one of the best in demand job in 2020 option to start with better career option after lockdown.

Now, the questions is what is digital marketing why we need it?

As you know most of the startups were taking place across India. A number of companies whether existing or new companies were growing in an IT field.

So, here the work of digital marketing comes when a company wants to promote its brands and wanted to show their brands at the top of SERP.

As given below, this image gives you an overview of SERP.

what is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing needs to grow your business customer, brand promotion, getting your business at the top of SERP with a number of practices that help to grow your business.

Now-a-days many company were demanding these skills with a good amount of salary. It ranges from seo trainee to seo director with their given salary.

Digital Marketing includes the maintenance of website and excellent layout and design of a website as well as the backlinking of websites along with maintaining a better customer relationship.

The institutes which offers digital marketing courses were upgrade or you can also learn an online course which is easy and affordable, as it saves your time and money.

It includes a number of practices such as SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Content marketing, Content Creation, building website reputation on google, and also take care of customer satisfaction.

The average salary package is digital marketing is 3 – 5 lakhs per annum.

Content writer

How To Start Content Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Content writer has one of the other in demand job in 2020 for a better career scope in coming years.

One can develop their career as a professional content writer by writing great content.

Content writing works on the user intent theory when you know what your user actually wants.


what a user will search on a search engine. This will increase your work experience, as it is the best career scope to go for a better future.

As it is one of the interesting fields it will increase your chance to earn a huge amount of income.

Content writing has to be a very demanding career and will continue in the future as well even after lockdown.

average salary of content writer

An average salary of content writer starts from 14,000 – 15,613/- per month.

Research and Development professionals

Research and development (R&D) is another interesting in-demand job in 2020. It includes the work of managing a number of highly important roles within an organization.

It is the work of responsibility for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols into their company or organization.

What about the required academic qualification?

It is not rocket science, to become r&d manager, you should have a bachelor’s degree especially in human resources, finance, or management.

Salary outlook

For those individuals who want to make their career as R&D professionals because the job growth is expected to grow from 2018 to 2028 up to 7%.

According to pay-scale the salary of R&D job was $98,051 if converted to Indian rupees – 78,18325/- annually.

Data Science

what is data science?

If you are from the science side then this job is for you as it includes scientific methods, processes, algorithms, required to extract knowledge. basically data science is related to machine learning.

The required techniques and education qualification such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, etc. We can say that it is a kind of the fourth pillar of science.

The average salary of a data science is $113,436.

Teaching or Mentor jobs

E-learning platforms slowly changing Indian education landscape - The  Economic Times

Teachers are great mentors as you know when you are in school. They have such responsibility of nurturing the students into better human resources. There are a number of online educational apps such as gradup, unacademy, whitehat jr, and many more.

In youngster nowadays teaching profession is very trending as it is the best in demand job in 2020. Teaching profession is important for the future development of children who are the resource of the country.


Even if you are fresher in the field of education, then still you can start your career as a teaching profession. Earlier the teaching profession is restricted only in educational institutions, schools or colleges.


After the pandemic situation, the trends of education has shifted from schools and colleges to online live classes especially on educational apps like gradup, unacademy, and many more.

If you talk about the scope of teaching in the coming years is going to increase upto 28 to 50%. The income criteria for teaching job starts from 40,000 to 90,000 per month.

This is the best option to start from fresh for better career option.


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