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Renew Driving License Online and Offline Procedure – Application Fees | Form 1A

Online Driving License technology

If you are looking to renew driving License online then you can renew it online in just a few steps, Don’t know how here is a solution lets start. Earlier making a driving License or even a learning License is such a hectic task for anyone.

I had made my driving License in 2013, following the long procedure in the sense of submitting documents, verification, driving test and many more.

I remembered when i applied for a driving License in 2013, a long queue outside the RTO office, and i had to wait long for your turn.

But now things has been changed, you have to upload your documents online pay the fees select the dates and just visit RTO office at the time of renewal of driving License. Let us discuss the procedure how to apply for new / renewal of your driving License.

Holding a driving license increases responsibility on you of safe driving.

How to renew a driving License online

If you want to change your name, address, fathers name, or any other thing, you can easily change in few minutes. Lets follow these instructions below.

First step of registration starts with an official website of RTO office or https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/

As you reached on home page, you will see the tab “Driving License Related Services” , click on it and move further.

The next step is to select you state from this window to move further. Just click on the given drop-down menu (select the state name)

Now on the left hand of your screen, from the given menu on the top click “apply online“. Hope you are following the procedures, lets proceed, following the menu under “apply online” select “Services on driving license“.

Here are the options which you can change on this website while making a driving license, such as (name, father’s name, address, or any other thing) read carefully and then select continue to proceed.

A user need to fill of your driving license information. Complete it and proceed. Category of driving license is not necessary to fulfill if you want you can leave it.

After submitting an information, your driving license details will shown on the screen, here you can edit your father’s name, address etc. At the bottom update your mobile number and address carefully and proceed further.

Choose the option that you want to change, carefully select the icons, further we will discuss about forms and submission. You can choose multiple option as you want.

Now complete the captcha code for confirmation, and then proceed. Hence this acknowledgement contains your details of driving license just print acknowledgement and save it for future use.

How to apply for N.O.C to Renew Driving License

From earlier trends has changed now you have to apply online for NOC. Document required for applying N.O.C are photocopy of your driving license, photocopy of your R/C and application letter fro N.O.C.

for apply noc procedure

Document needed at the time of driving license renewal

The process of document verification is such a long process, but online application made it easy lets see what are the documents are needed for renewal.

See below !

How Many Types of Forms Related to Driving License

In case of driving license learner’s / new / renewal, there are some forms that you must need to know. The online driving license renewal fees is 200/-.

Form 9 : This form is required by a person who have a driving license and want to renew it due to expiry of date. Important point is that a person need to attach following docs along form 9 :

  • A medical certificate also know as form 1-A.
  • A set of 2 passport sized photo forma point of verification.

Form 1-A : The person need to submit form 1-A only if he / she is above 40 years. This form shows the result of your medical fitness that need to be attested by recognized medical practitioner of the state.

Form 1 : This form 1 is the combination of application and medical fitness, which need to be fill by the applicant and submitted to the RTO office. The purpose is to check whether if a person is suffering any medical disease or not.

Form – 2 : Well this form 2 is use for making learner’s license with given date of 7 days, an applicant need to verify the class of vehicle that she / he is applying for.

Form 8 : This form 8 is needed when an applicant want to add a new class of vehicle in their driving license to drive. It also known as application for adding new class of vehicle in their respected driving license.

Form 4 : This form is need for making actual driving license after learner’s license.

Form 9 for Renewal of Driving License – Click To Download

Form 1-A for Medical Fitness – Click To Download

Form 2 for learner’s license Click To Download

Form 1 (Application cum medical fitness) – Click To Download

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