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In this phase of globalization, internet is ruling on the world. At the same time website is one of the option when it comes to make money online. If you want to know how to make money online for beginners by google then read full blog. Making money online isn’t a myth, it can be achievable by all.

Especially housewives who are indulged their extra time in blogging and digital practices, this is a best option for them to turn their hobby of blogging, writing, into an income generating source.

At very basic there were many modes by which you can make money online. Let me give you a glimpse of such methods were: Blogging, create your own website, sell your ad space, sell your products, affiliate marketing, ppc (pay per click), accept donation from visitors, build up an e-commerce site.

If you want to create your own website that you want to monetize you must go to the link below, and learn to make website step by step at very low price.

Simple steps to make money online through your website

Affiliate Marketing and affiliate links

An affiliate marketing is one of the most important as well as popular method which allows you to make money money online from your website.

Now it is a big question for you that how to start with affiliate marketing. It is just like reffering your friend a product link to buy a product.

All you need to do is endorse the product and at the same time promote it on your website, even you can also share on social media sites. If the recommended people likes the product then they click an affiliated link and landed on buyers website as a result you will get about 10% of it as a cut.

There were many platform which offers affiliate marketing option are given below :-

Now the commission might be range from anywhere 30% and it goes higher about 70%. On the split of 50% and product cost is $100, then you will get 50% just for reffering a product. Wow sounds great.

How does pay per click works (PPC) or (Google adword)

Google Adword (also known as paid marketing) are like of ads that shows on a top of SERP. Ads are placed by google adword platform by creating an account and submitting your website.

Google adword is an online platform available for publishers to run an online ads through adword. It is an immense network that offers advertisers to run their ads. First steps is to sign up on google adword, once you complete your registration process,

start with google adword ads with the given following steps.

Name your ad and select campaign type.

Choose ad display location.

Now it comes to daily budget

Add your focused keywords.

Now your ad has been created now setup conversion tracking.

How to monetize your site with “Sell Ad Space

Sell ad space is another one of the most important method to make money. What you have to do is to simply sell ads space of your website.directly to companies who wants to sponser their products or blogs. Ads can be placed even on “side banner” or “aside section” of your website, this will serve you a good amount of income $ per month.

How to make money freelancing online

Freelancing is an important online money making option for those who have good writing skills and creative talent.

You can make your hobbies into the money-making process by a method freelancing, at the same time it has always been the most popular method to make online money.

In the phase of the digital world google is making updates every day, If you scroll the web you may find a number of websites offer to freelance. Choose any one freelancing site and make an account browse the listings, choose the category that suits you. Make your profile authoritative along with your work experience, now interested clients can contact you directly.

Starting your own website

Have you ever thought you must have your website? Yes, you are right it is another method to earn money online by creating your own website. Noe the question is how to start ………

let me explain ….

Go to godaddy.com then choose you domain and hosting don’t know how no worry here’s a video.

After this process now you entered your website’s admin panel customize your website.

Now comes to how to monetize your website, yes you are right you can make money through your website, a google platform called adsene, but wait there is a criteria for this, whats is it .

your website should have a good amount of blogs, about 50 – 100, and a good amount of traffic say 100 visitor par day, your content should not plagiarize and it should be unique. If your website fulfils these criteria then you are eligible for Adsense.

It depends upon the amount of traffic that you have on your website, it is like a direct relationship between website traffic and Adsense

I hope this blog is useful for you thank you for reading this blog if you like it then share to your friends.

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