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Hello, everyone our today session is about How to overcome Exam Fear among students especially young students of class 8-10, and 12. What are the reasons that make students so nervous before the exam due to which they were unable to give their 100% in exams?

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Let us discuss some points and also the solution for getting good marks in exams.

As we know there is a cut-throat competition among students for exams. What happen we a student prepare for their exams, they always have an assumption that they have preform better from others, which makes them more nervous about marks and results.

Instead, a student always is motivated to break his own records rather than competing from others. As every student is different from others.

If a student achieves 80% in the exam in the first semester, he must aim to break his own records

A common problem most of the students were facing is the fear of exams, or we can say they go nervous before exams or in interviews.

Well, that is not a problem anymore it is just a human behavior of feeling nervous. Marks will not decide your future, it is your ability, confidence, and hard work that make you stand out of the crowd.

Here are some guidelines that students may follow before their exam preparation.

Lack of preparation

Preparation plays a significant role to play. When you prepare about something whether exams, interviews, and on-stage speech, It gives you confidence and you feel motivated. So always prepare yourself before going for exams.

During exams make a habit to wake up early in the morning and read out your notes, revise your yesterday notes, graphs, maps. This makes you remember your notes for longer.

Never compare your preparation with others.

Most of the times during exams there is usually tough competition among students whether classmates, relatives, or friends.

Here one thing must remember a student should not compare his/her study hours or preparation timings with others, which is wrong.

Every student has a different capability to learn and memorize. Instead, a student should follow his/her motivated study pattern and manage study hours according to their capability.

Fear of getting fewer marks

Yes, you are right to fear of getting fewer marks in exams or not performing well sometimes makes students depressed or sad.

But here’s the solution always remember at the time of exam there is no one to judge you, instead, a student should just aim to perform well in the exams, no matter what’s the result.

Take complete sleep and rest

Nature has given us something that we should not neglect, have you ever walked in the garden, or play with friends in the playground, took a deep breath in open surroundings.

during the exam, all these activities were restricted due to the extreme pressure of exams. Here I mean to connect with nature, during exams.

Here are some tips :

  • A student’s study room should be properly ventilated.
  • Along with hard work a student should take proper sleep of at least 6 hours.
  • He/she must make a distance from phones, and other distracting devices should be avoided.
  • Always take short study breaks
  • One should have a positive state of mind while during exams.

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