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If you are looking for a hp gas new connection as connection and don’t have an idea how to do it then it would be an ultimate guide for you to learn the process of hp gas new connection online, so read the complete blog I m sure it would be interesting.

HP stands for Hindustan petroleum HP is the most trusted and fast LPG brand which offers top-notch services to a giant number of customers.

Many people are confused about the process for a new gas connection, in this blog, you will come across the complete process about new HP gas connection.

Off line method

Even you can go for an offline method by applying a new gas connection by visiting your near HP distributor.

Online method

At the same time, there is a much convenient way, We will take you through the complete online method, now let’s get started!

 Step by step process for hp gas new connection online

Here is an ultimate guide for new HP gas connection online:

Step 1: Go to HP official website and start your first process with register yourself as a new customer.

Step 2: Now on the top right corner of the homepage there were two options “sign-in” and “new user”. Go to a new user and click on it for the LPG connection.

Step 3: Now a registration page will open. Enter your details given in the above image. Now you have to search for a distributor in your area and location. Click to proceed.

Step 4: Once you completed your registration process and you’re done with your registration process.

Step 5: Now the last option is of online payment for a new connection, once your payment will complete, your area distributor will issue the subscription voucher. Print out or save a copy that you will receive on your registered email Id.

Note: Check your registration online status, and even you can check cancellation status, raise complaint feedback on their official website.