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As you know due to the covid-19 pandemic most of the businesses are now at the corner of extinction. Due to this covid situation, the actual sale of businesses decreases and thus profit is zero. This session is all about the perfect keyword research. In this article, we will discuss how to create a website free of cost.

Those who know the importance of digital marketing, gain a certain amount of attention in the market. 

Here, I would like to explain to you how to create a Website with the Perfect Keyword Research Trick. Most people are now shifted to online methods whether it is the online study or online shopping method or anything else, so now the online educators and mentors and online shopping portals such as Flipkart, myntra are gaining much profit meanwhile.

““Want to increase your sale then start today with 0 investment, raise your dream project and earn more.”” 

Steps for How to Create a Website free of Cost

These terms you mostly see on social media and on google, even you also have a corner part of increasing your business as I know it’s true. 

Then I must assure you that it is not rocket science. You can also raise your business by taking it to online business promotion. 

Understand the importance of perfect keyword research.

The idea of perfect keyword research start from choosing the right keyword. keyword are of different types. Phrasal keyword, exact match and slightly match all have different properties.

Follow your user’s intent

Nowadays no one wants to loose their single minute while surfing the net, the user trust builds up when they get what they want on SERP. So it is more important to follow the user intent.

Mention the related keyword by reviewing that what people search about, suppose, you are selling a shoe and your keyword latest shoe brand in the market such keyword will follow the user intent as well as builds up trust when they saw your keyword on top in SERP.

Start campaigning your keyword.

Social media plays an important role in promoting your brand among people and creating brand awareness. Write content on social media, take people’s reviews.

Use google keyword planner to find best keywords

For targeted keywords google keyword planner is the best helping hand for us. Use this tool and get high search volume keywords having medium traffic.

Google keyword planner also use for tracking and creation of ad groups that usually shown on google SERP page.

Follow the google guidelines instead of black hat SEO.

Nowadays people are more aware of online frauds and marketing techniques, do don’t try to fool them,

instead give them proper knowledge of your brand pros and cons, show them your product reviews and try to build a trust among them.

Why to choose google keyword planner

Well, if you ask me about keyword tool then I must assure you that there were many keyword research tool available in the market, which offers the best services in keyword searching and competitor analysis.

But, google keyword planner is one of the best and trusted keyword research tool which helps you to find better keyword approach hence attracts maximum traffic.

Well, you are thinking why I am so much focusing about this fellow tool, then I must tell you that it is a google provided tool, which builds trust among us.

There are many options in google keyword planner tool, one may run multiple ad campaigns on google of their product.


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