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Hello, Dear aspirants hope you are preparations are going well for the exams. Today, the motive of this article is to discuss the UPSC prelims strategy. Most of the aspirants have a question that what strategy should they use to score well in prelims.

Hereby strategy means the resources, books, practice, last year papers, time-table schedule, and many more. Today I will talk about how to cover the important topics for prelims if you have limited time or just 3 months.

Is there anyone from IAS Syllabus 2019 group who is appearing for 2020 prelims “comment below”.

5 Key Basic points to triggers the Strategy for UPSC prelims

Analyze last year question paper

  • The first step towards the prelims exam is to analyze the previous year question paper and even other exams question papers like CDS or CAPF, this will give you a broad view of exam pattern or the idea about questions.

Clear your Basic concepts

  • The second point is to clear your basic concepts, most of the aspirants just read or mug up things results that they do not remember things for too long.
  • So try to read more things for GS like Yojna, Manorma, and you can watch small videos for science and tech to clear concepts.

All notes at one place

  • Try to make notes in one place, at the time of exams what happens that aspirants make a lot of notes, on papers or on somethings else at the end of the day, you will find it difficult to find them, this is easy and help you in fast revision.
  • For eg. – If I talk about lakshmi kant book, I used to mark important points or add notes with a pencil on ncert books which help me to memorize at the time of revision.

Detailed Reading

  • The aspirants need to do detailed reading about yojna or notes you have made and then at max do one or two revisions. This helps you to cover your syllabus on time.

Make your schedule according to your strength

  • Analyze your strength, make your schedule according to your strength, and divide your time for reading and revision.
  • In some cases, many aspirants are comfortable in fast reading, while others are good at slow reading or multiple revisions.

Important UPSC Prelims resources that are enough for clearing exam

upsc prelims strategy

As we have mentioned all the relevant topics that are enough to clear the Prelims exam. Always remember “less is more”, here I mean that along with the above resources practice with past year question papers or

Practice at least 20 mock test papers a day, this will boost your confidence and help you to do a lot of mistakes in the mock test itself.

All the aspirants are adviced to go through the economic survey as the scope of current affairs questions help you to score more. Some of the important resources are – Indian Yearbook Summary which was prepared by Jamir Sheikh (AIR-18 – IFS).

Well, let’s come to the CSAT part, as you know it is a qualifying paper, so I suggest RS-Aggarwal, verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning is the best option for you, along with past year questions is more important as well.

Some Important Points To Remember

  • Do a target based study, you do not have to study 12 hours a day, instead one should go for target base study.
  • Make points and do screenshots of the newspaper’s important articles.
  • Try to solve paper weekly of 10-20 questions daily.
  • Read the questions carefully before answering.
  • The more you practice the more chances will increase of getting selected.
  • Exchange your questions among friends.
  • Don’t stick to your schedule try to modify it when needed.

Best of Luck!

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