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Have you ever though that how google search engine works or how website ranks, I hope that you may have a blog or a website that you want to rank it.

Let me start with a question what is digital marketing?

Suppose you want to buy a product online then the first website come to your mind is Flipkart do you know why because you have a trust in it that this website sells the customer friendly products.

In the same way when you search a query in SERP(search engine result page)/search box, you see the result matching your query this process is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

what is seo ?

So digital marketing is a process of online marketing of your products through digital platforms. Such as facebook, twitter, or optimizing your website according to user’s query.

What are the techniques of search engine optimization ?

Now what are these onpage and offpage activities, these are the two types of techniques that we use to optimize our website, blog. Both on page and off page has important functions to discuss.

Let’s start

On-Page (outer structure of your website)

Suppose you open search engine and visited a website you find that interesting, its layout and structure which makes a user to stay about minutes.

Now, how on-page works – well, it depends upon some factors follows –

  • URL Structure
  • Image optimization
  • content optimization
  • keyword optimization
  • body tags
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Meta keywords optimization

Off-Page (linking your site with other high domain website)

what is offpage?

An off-page is a technique to bring traffic or visitors from different websites having high DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority), which also makes your website more popular in in SERP.

The off-page technique includes the following activities –

  • Link-building
  • Blog Posting
  • Social-Bookmarking
  • Directory submission
  • Article Submission