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Benefits of using digital marketing during Coronavirus –

Digital marketing

Traditional marketing has taken a big hit as consumers can no longer drive around and see a billboard or experience products in person. Benefits of using Digital marketing has become the core component of marketing strategy across many industries. In fact, mobile advertising accounted for over 70% of digital advertising spend in 2019.

That makes digital marketing a brand’s best defense against the economic ravages of Coronavirus. Do no wonder that it’s catching on quickly, even in industries and niches that preferred not to ‘go online’ only a few months ago.

Following are some ways digital marketing is providing value and competitive advantage to brands in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak: Opportunity To Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Lockdown and social isolation have changed people’s lifestyles, we now spend most of our time online as we are no longer allowed to go out and have real social interactions.

So of course, we turn to social media channels to stay connected with other people and get updates on what’s going on with the outside world. This is why all the three major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are experiencing higher than ever engagement rate (especially on mobile devices

Facebook reports that it is seeing a rise in usage across the globe but it is more concentrated towards private messaging and video calling. Twitter recently observed a 23% increase in daily active users in the first quarter of 2020 which was driven by conversations around Coronavirus.

It is also predicted that social media ad spend will rise by 22.2% because of the Coronavirus as brands leverage social media to engage with their audience. Hence, the key takeaway is that businesses should continue using social media networks and make their content relevant for the current time.

This will help them during the lockdown and also assist in bouncing back once the business is back to normal. Enhances Online Presence Through Search Engine Optimization

Although COVID-19 is a global pandemic, it is affecting some countries more than others – the United States and Italy are experiencing the worst outbreak with a considerable number of daily cases.

For this reason, brands can expand their network across different regions to attract more traffic. Through SEO, they can easily get access to a broader audience base and be less reliant on any one country’s economy.

Increases brand visibility

Another importance of digital marketing or SEO can help you increase your brand’s visibility by targeting keywords that customers are searching for and optimizing your blogs or pages with these keywords.

This has become even more important as many businesses are shutting down which has driven the customers to search for other brands to fulfill their requirements.

Therefore, by analyzing the user search behavior you can easily integrate those keywords and rank your website higher and make it more visible to customers. Advertising with Affordable Online Ads

Despite increased user engagement, cost per clicks has dropped substantially across all platforms as people are no longer interested in buying anything but the essentials.

Facebook ads have become cheaper – expect to pay as little as nine cents now. Other platforms that experienced a CPC price drop are Google Display Network and YouTube.

This has created the perfect window of opportunity for brands to increase their social presence during the lockdown as they can display fresh content according to audience preferences.

Even with a decline in revenue, advertising and marketing are just as essential to staying visible in front of consumers who are interested in purchasing.

This can be the prime time to increase your ad spend and keep the ship steady during a time of economic uncertainty.

Also, using paid ads to position your content in front of prospective customers who are not ready to buy can ensure brand loyalty when this chaos settles. Data to Assess Strategies

The most significant benefit of digital marketing during Coronavirus is the availability of data that can help measure customer journeys and predict the type of content that aligns with customer’s choice.

People are creating more data for brands to go through while they are social distancing. This can be detected by AI that can predict trends and patterns in customer behavior as well as their engagement with specific content on social media or any other digital platform.

For example, a recent Facebook research showed that there were drops in engagement for images that showed traveling or human connection. At the same time, they noticed spikes in ads that depicted rest and sleep.

This is also true for grocery and e-commerce stores who can adjust their ads and copy according to the data accessed through multiple digital platforms. It will help them to attract customers who are looking for a particular product or service

Moreover, it can be proved that paid ads offer more flexibility to make your brand visible in front of customers and ensure that your brand’s conversion rate increases.